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Allergies and Allergy Testing in London

Allergy Testing

An allergy is an immune response of the body when it reacts to external substances. This reaction is varied and includes runny noses, itchy eyes and skin rashes. As the skin is the first defence for the body it often becomes affected by allergic conditions which can cause a great deal of distress. They can also be serious.

Allergy and the immune system play an important role in Dermatology and so the diagnosis of allergy is an important part of our job. Unfortunately many unqualified individuals have become involved in this field, using techniques for which there is little or no clinical evidence. This makes it difficult for patients to know where to seek advice.


Our Dermatologists diagnose skin diseases and allergy by the use of prick tests for food and airborne allergens (that cause allergy). We organise blood tests in order to further investigate the cause of your allergy. Patch testing can be very useful in diagnosing skin disease caused by occupational exposure or the use of substances on the skin to which you become allergic, such as facial creams, mascara, hair dyes, make up, lipsticks and perfumes.

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