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Warts and Skin Tags

Most of us get warts at some time in our lives, particularly when we are children. A wart on the sole of our foot is a verruca (plantar wart). They are caused by infection and people with a low immune system, for instance, after serious illness, are more susceptible to warts. Most warts disappear on their own, but if they are particularly painful or if you have a weak immune system, then you should seek treatment.

Skintags are tiny growths of flesh-coloured or brown skin. They usually appear with age but some people are more prone to them than others. Although they are harmless they often snag on clothing and jewelry and this can be quite painful.


At Skin Care Network we treat warts and skin tags by topical treatments, cryosurgery (freezing to destroy abnormal tissue), surgical techniques including curette and cauterization and advanced laser treatment. Our Dermatologists and Dermatology trained Nurses are fully trained in the use of cryosurgery and other surgical techniques required to quickly and efficiently eradicate warts. By having the selected treatments performed by the Dermatology Nurses we are able to provide an affordable programme of care.