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Sun Damage

Most people love the sun and feel we don’t see enough of it in Britain. However, the sun’s ultraviolet rays harm our skin and its appearance by causing photo damage, or sun damage. These rays penetrate deep into our skin and damage cells, which may then become cancerous. You can’t feel this damage happening to your skin and it occurs even on cloudy days.

Sunburn is the immediate effect of over-exposure and the skin peels to get rid of the damaged cells. The long-term effect, however, might be skin cancer, age spots and wrinkles.  Generally it produces an ageing skin, whatever your age.


Our Dermatologists at Skin Care Network can dramatically improve the appearance of photoaged facial skin with an exciting range of different and often complementary technologies at the forefront of aesthetic medicine. These include medical treatments using creams, chemical peels, IPL Skin Photorejuvenation, Fractionated CO2 Encore Laser, eMatrix as well as Botulinum Toxin and fillers.